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in part nor whole of the UAE Fire and Life safety Code of practice shall be copied, distributed, printed, . FIRE & SAFETY CODES DURING CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE Operations and Maintenance Manual for jet fan systems. A1. All structural members up to and including the floor of the lowest level of discharge of underground buildings more than mm below or more than two . UAE FIRE & LIFE SAFETY CODE OF PRACTICE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS F FR RE EQ QU UE EN NT TL LY Y A AS SK KE ED D Q QU UE ES ST TI.

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Uae Fire And Life Safety Code 2013 Pdf

UAE Fire & Life Safety Code of Practice __Final - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. UAE Fire & Life. Uae Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice__without Links 02 - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. YEAR • UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice of Practice • Second Edition REVISION 2, RELEASED IN APRIL EXURE B

Download PDF Chief among these safety features is fire protection. There are myriad codes and regulations relating to fire safety in commercial buildings, from standards on portable fire extinguishers to the installation of stationary pumps for fire protection — the U. As rapid urbanization around the globe continues to spur construction of high-rise residential and commercial structures, hospitals, schools and other buildings — an expected 2. Development in these emerging markets creates both opportunities and challenges for fire service. Since there is not one widely implemented fire code that governs international new construction and building remodeling — and enforcement of existing codes varies widely by country and local jurisdiction — reducing costs often trumps improving safety. The United Arab Emirates had previously updated its Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice to ban the use of the highly combustible exterior cladding blamed for the fire, but buildings erected prior to still are vulnerable. In Brazil, there were no sprinklers in the building, though they were required by code.

The European insurance federation known as CEA, updates its requirements every two to three years.

During the interim periods, technical bulletins are issued as warranted. Pump standards Without question, the fire pump is one of the most critical pieces of equipment inside a building.

The pump takes water from an external water supply, such as a public utility or reservoir, and provides the required water flow and pressure for the fire protection system. Standards governing fire pumps are most often included in broader guidelines for automatic sprinkler systems as the fire pump is a crucial part of the overall system.

Some standards are loose guidelines for further code development; others that are more detailed and complex are designed to account for all conceivable scenarios in order to ensure maximum protection. The committee consists of more than two dozen members and nearly two dozen alternates representing fire departments, fire equipment manufacturers, listing authorities, government, academia, engineering, insurers, associations, unions and other groups.

In addition, NFPA 20 requires a single entity bear responsibility for all of the components in regard to installation, compatibility, performance and acceptance of equipment. FM specifies this be the pump manufacturer; UL does not specify the entity.

In addition, NFPA has agreements called Memorandums of Understanding with standards-setting groups in more than a dozen countries, most recently adding the UAE in BS EN In Europe, BS EN offers best-practice recommendations for the design, installation and maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems, and includes fire pumps.

The first EN European Norm sprinkler installation standard was issued in and revised in and As countries add their own standards to the nonbinding EN , the country standards supersede the EN code. British Standard BS is the United Kingdom implementation of EN and covers classification, routine testing, design, maintenance, water supply, extension, installation and special hazards related to sprinklers. Changes in the edition related to fire pumps include greater specification on electric pump power supplies and pump curve stability.

The CEA standard specifies requirements and recommendations for the design, installation and maintenance of fixed fire sprinkler systems in buildings and includes a chapter on pumps.

Can spiral stairs be used for egress? Spiral Stairs is not allowed as a part of means of egress. Can interlocking or scissor stair be treated as 2 staircases? Interlocking or scissor stairs shall be considered only as a single exit. Where shall floor diagrams be provided? A floor diagram shall be provided in staircase landings on the wall beside the exit door. Floor diagrams shall also be provided beside fire alarm panels, in smoke-free enclosures, in fire fighting lobbies and in individual rooms of hotels and health care occupancies.

What information shall a floor diagram have? Floor diagrams shall show the actual floor layout, exit stairways locations, corridors, rooms, landing valves, hosereel, fire extinguishers, lift lobbies and other useful information for fire department as well as occupants.

What is the mode of ventilation for exit staircases in highrise buildings 23m or more in height? Every escape staircase serving buildings of 23 m in height or more must be made a smoke proof enclosure. The means of achieving a smoke proof enclosure should be by pressurization.

What is the fire rating for a smoke proof enclosure? A smoke proof enclosure shall be enclosed from the highest point to the lowest point by barriers having 2-hour fire resistance ratings. What is the fire rating requirement for an exit passageway? The exit passageway shall be separated from the remainder of the building by a 2-hour fire resistance rating.

What is the required mode of ventilation for non-high rise buildings? Staircase ventilation for non-highrise buildings shall be provided with natural, mechanical ventilation or by providing smoke proof enclosures. What is the egress final discharge requirement for sprinkler protected buildings? For sprinkler protected buildings, not more than 50 percent of the required number of exits, and not more than 50 percent of the required egress capacity, shall discharge through areas on the level of exit discharge.

What is the minimum separation distance between two exits? The minimum separation distance between two exits or exit access doors in a sprinklered building shall be not less than one-third the length of the maximum overall diagonal dimension of the building or area to be served.

This distance shall be half the diagonal for non-sprinklered buildings. What is the minimum clear width of a corridor or passageway? The clear width of any corridor or passageway serving an occupant load of 50 or more shall be not less than mm. In what situation is single exit permitted in a non-sprinklered apartment building?


Any non-sprinklered dwelling unit shall be permitted to have a single exit, provided that one of the following criteria is met: i.

The dwelling unit has an exit door opening directly to the street or yard at ground level. T he dwelling unit has direct access to an outside stair and serves a maximum of two units, both of which are located on the same floor.

The dwelling unit has direct access to an interior stair that serves only that unit and is separated from all other portions of the building by fire barriers having a minimum 1- hour fire resistance rating, with no opening therein.

Travel distance from the anywhere in the unit shall not exceed 23m to the final discharge. Total floor area is less than m 2 Q In what situation is a single exit permitted in a sprinklered apartment building? Any building that is protected throughout by an approved, supervised automatic sprinkler system has four or fewer stories, and has not more than four dwelling units per story shall be permitted to have a single exit, provided that all of the following conditions apply: i.

UAE Fire Safety and Equipment Market | Detector ( Flame & Gas) ()

The stairway is separated from the rest of the building by barriers having not less than a 1-hour fire resistance rating, with self-closing 1-hour fire door assemblies protecting all openings between the stairway enclosure and the building.

The stairway does not serve more than one-half story below the level of exit discharge. All corridors serving as access to exits have a minimum 1-hour fire resistance rating. There is not more than 35 ft One-half-hour fire-rated horizontal and vertical separation between dwelling units is provided.

Travel distance from anywhere from the unit to the unit exit door shall not exceed 23m. Total floor area is less than m2 Q What is the definition of a labor accommodation?

The phrase "without individual cooking facilities" refers to the absence of cooking equipment in any room or unit. What is the height requirement to install a portable fire extinguisher? The wall mount type portable fire extinguishers shall be installed in such a way that the top of the fire extinguisher is not more than 1.

What is the minimum number of people required to be trained on basic fire awareness and in the use of portable fire extinguishers? At what level shall floor proximity exit signs be installed?

Where floor proximity exit signs are required in such signs shall be located near the floor level in addition to those signs required for doors or corridors. The bottom of the sign shall be not less than mm, but not more than mm, above the floor. What is the function of emergency lights? The objective of having emergency lighting during emergencies or when the normal lighting of the occupied building fails.

The emergency light shall fulfill the following functions: a. To indicate clearly and unambiguously the escape routes. To provide illumination along such routes to allow safe movement towards and through the exits provided. To ensure that fire alarm call points and fire fighting equipment provided along escape routes can be readily located.

To permit operations concerned with safety measures Q Where shall emergency lights be provided? Over area if there are no explicit paths leading to corridors, lobbies and exits.

In hotel rooms or suites. Educational occupancies used as assembly, i. Notwithstanding the requirements in the clause above, emergency lighting shall be provided in the following locations: i. Lift cars ii. Emergency command centers iii. Generator rooms iv. Basement car parks v. Fire pump rooms vi. Areas of refuge within the same building. What is the required brightness level of emergency lights? Emergency lighting facilities shall be arranged to provide initial illumination that is not less than an average of 1 ft-candle In what type of occupancies is central battery required?

Central Battery System is not mandatory. However, stand alone self contained luminaries are not allowed as well. The emergency lighting system shall be either Central Battery system or monitored type self contained emergency lighting system which is diagnostic type and shall be automatically monitored and tested through the Building Monitoring System and the fire alarm control unit.

What is the definition of emergency voice communication EVC? A system that is interlinked with the fire alarm to give evacuation or emergency messages throughout the premises for all occupants. In what type of occupancies requires emergency voice evacuation and communication system?

New UAE Fire & Life Safety Code of Practice

One way emergency voice evacuation and communication system as well as an emergency command centre shall be provided as follows: i.

For all buildings which are categorized as high rise or an assembly. For hotel or health care occupancies of less than 23m building height. In what location are speakers with flashers required? What is the fire rating requirement for fire alarm and emergency communication cables? All circuits necessary for the operation of the notification appliances shall be protected until they enter the evacuation signalling zone that they serve. Any of the following methods shall be considered acceptable as meeting the requirements of this subsection: i.

A 2-hour fire rated circuit integrity CI cable ii. A 2-hour fire rated cable system electrical circuit protective system iii. A 2-hour fire rated enclosure iv. Buildings fully protected by an automatic sprinkler system and with the interconnecting wiring or cables used for the operation of notification appliances installed in metal raceways Q Where shall manual call point be located? Distribution of the manual call points should be such that travel distance should not be more than 45m to reach the nearest manual call point.

These figures to be reduced to 25m and 16m in limited mobility areas, and where processes of the area result in a likelihood of rapid fire development. What is the height requirement to install a manual call point? The manual call points shall be installed generally at the height of 1.

Where disable people are expected to operate, height to be lowered to 91cm At what level above the ground for raised floors to have smoke detectors within the concealed space? At what height between the suspended ceiling and the ceiling level a smoke detector to be provided?

UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice (2017 Edition) – what you need to know?

In what condition can alarm notification speakers be used for non-emergency purposes? Speakers used as alarm notification appliances on fire alarm systems shall also be permitted to be used for non-emergency purposes, provided that condition i or ii is met: i. The emergency command centre is constantly attended by trained personnel. The speakers and associated audio equipment are installed or located with safeguards to resist tampering or maladjustments of those components essential for intended emergency notification.

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