How to talk to your subconscious mind pdf - Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. hindi-engl. Visit the Law of Attraction Haven for Over Free PDF Books on the Law of Attraction Your Subconscious Mind & Harmonious Human Relations. Chapter XVII .. If you want to write a book, write a wonderful play, give a better talk to your. The Mind is the Mast er over every kind offortune—. 3. A g reat mind becomes Awakening the subconscious powers releases masterful forces. We must feel our identity with Divine Powers through the .. speaking to mankind, through His .

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    How To Talk To Your Subconscious Mind Pdf

    What your subconscious believes your conscious mind will do; Your subconscious mind can make thoughts a reality; You talk to your. Your success or failure in anything, large or small, Usable directions to program the subconscious mind. • Self talk is the only thing that covers all three. faulty programming in your subconscious mind. Before The subconscious is the part of your mind that is not visualization, meditation and positive self-talk.

    If that were true, then everyone would be successful with a nice home, great career, great family and friends, and enough money so that life is not a struggle. But is that the case? Your conscious mind has nothing to do with who you are as a person. Your subconscious mind works differently than your conscious mind does. This book will show you how to harness the power of your subconscious mind so you can use it to get just about anything you want…your soul mate, your dream job, wealth, curing and preventing disease. About the Author This is the part in a book that lists the credentials of the author.. That means you too can learn this on your own. What you tell your subconscious mind is what it believes. The Subconscious Mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. So when saying affirmations to get something you want. Have you ever got into a heated argument with someone and noticed that your heart started to beat quickly? It was your subconscious mind — which controls all your bodily functions — that caused that. The key to tricking it into giving you what you want is telling your subconscious mind that you have it NOW.

    This insight can help us both in personal and professional life. What Controls our Behavior? What is Subconscious Mind? Most of us would vouch for ourselves: One example often used to explain the subconscious mind is the process of car driving.

    You are all concentration on the process of driving; you You will be surprised to know that most often, we look at every pothole, every bump, and every have very little control over our actions.

    We are obstacle. As you get trained on driving, the act driven to behave the way we do, and we are rarely goes into your subconscious mind and you tend to in command. Unbelievable, but it is true. When we think before You automatically avoid the obstacles, you we decide or act, we do so with our conscious automatically change gears when required while mind. But life is full of decisions and actions at you could be doing umpteen other things at the every step.

    Every moment, our mind is busy same time like talking to your companion sitting analyzing and making split-second decisions. What beside you, listening to the music and observing you are doing now is a result of your decision to do the countryside.

    Do you know how you arrived at this decision? Not really - not all our actions are results of our You Drive along this conscious decisions.

    Most often, they are path to avoid pot-holes controlled by the subconscious mind. We are not in control of the actions governed by our subconscious mind. Understanding what is subconscious mind and how it impacts our behavior can help us better Pot-holes along the road understand people and improve our relations with them.

    As you practice driving again and again, you make decisions automatically and you drive naturally. We passed judgments about ourselves, about people around us; about what After you have reached the destination, if you ask type of people are good and what type of people yourself which potholes or bumps you crossed on are bad.

    You did their looks. Just because that person with long all that without being conscious of it. A rule was written in the rule-book. I would So through our kid-eyes, we have actually request that you actually do this before you read identified the potholes on the path of our life.

    Hold your palm up horizontally in front of your These potholes are situations or conditions which face, close your eyes and imagine that you have a our kid brain has directed us to either avoid, or to lemon on your palm right before your eyes. Did you retract when we come across any of them. Or they experience your mouth watering? The conscious are people with some particular physical traits, etc. The sub conscious mind is to be avoided.

    Our judgment and the rule get Mind? Just as the act of car driving goes into our subconscious mind by frequent repetitions, a Similar to the example of driving a car on a topsy- great deal of judgments and rules created by of our turvy road avoiding potholes, we have been driving kid brain have actually gone into our subconscious down our life's journey - a journey which we started mind by repeated re-enforcements before we could as a kid.

    So just as we drive the car while avoiding the potholes and slowing down for bumps without really noticing them with our conscious mind, we tread the life's Mental Pot-holes path avoiding imaginary potholes, slowing down on bumps that we defined in our childhood without even realizing that we do so, without realizing why Based on whether our actions had positive or we do what we do.

    These decisions are based on the avoid them. The problem is that we started making knowledge-base and rule-book built in our these judgments very early in our life when we subconscious mind. Like the physical reflex actions were small kids and did not have the capability to that we very well know about, these are what I call truly judge the situations. But based on our kid- the mental reflex actions. And we call ourselves highly Whenever this happens to you, try to understand balanced people acting on conscious decisions.

    Appreciate that the person When we are driving the vehicle of our life today, who upset you may not be behaving intentionally, it we actually drive topsy-turvy, because of the may be an involuntary reaction and not an mental potholes which may not be there at all.

    We intentional calculated move to upset you. If we are driving the way we are.

    13 Ways To Start Training Your Subconscious Mind To Get What You Want

    We are not even you appreciate that all of us including yourself are noticing the mental potholes. You may have puppets to circumstances and rarely in control, you experienced sometimes that you act in a way and will understand people better. You will be The Impact of Subconscious Mind surprised to know that actually the situations have changed, conditions in your life have changed, on our Behavior - More Lessons your own abilities have changed, but you were simply reacting to a mental pothole the way your All of us have in our subconscious mind a list of mind has got conditioned to react to it.

    We do certain things out of conscious mind, whereas most of our actions are dependent on the o Those of which we have a complex and we subconscious mind.

    They are like reflex action in feel hurt when we know our shortcoming. We some ways, but different in many ways.

    In case of have heartburn when we think of our own physical reflex action, there is some action or weakness, and are even ashamed to admit our disturbance in or around you, and before you know weakness. Subconscious mind is illogical. This book will show you how to harness the power of your subconscious mind so you can use it to get just about anything you wantyour soul mate, your dream job, wealth, curing and preventing disease.

    But can anyone harness their subconscious mind power? Ill answer that in Chapter 4. About the Author This is the part in a book that lists the credentials of the author. I dont have any of those.

    Im just an ordinary guy who discovered on my own most of what Im about to show you. That means you too can learn this on your own. You dont need any additional education to learn how your subconscious mind power works and why it doesnt. What you tell your subconscious mind is what it believes. You can program it to give you just about anything you want, but only if you know how to talk to it.

    Saying affirmations to program your subconscious mind is the most common way to train it. But affirmations must be stated correctly, so knowing how the subconscious mind thinks is critical to using it properly. The Subconscious Mind only thinks in the present. It does not think in the past or the future as the conscious mind can.

    The second set of examples is about something that will happen in the future. The subconscious mind only gives you what it sees. The key to tricking it into giving you what you want is telling your subconscious mind that you have it NOW.

    If you say youll have it or get it in the future, your subconscious mind will see you as presently NOT having it now, and thats what it will deliver to younothing. The Subconscious Mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Have you ever got into a heated argument with someone and noticed that your heart started to beat quickly?

    It was your subconscious mind which controls all your bodily functions that caused that. Has someone ever made you mad but you were afraid to confront them at the time? So you practiced how you were going to tell them off the next chance you got? Did you notice your heart started to beat faster? Your subconscious mind also caused it because it believed the confrontation was happening. You were only imagining it. But your subconscious mind could not tell the difference. The Subconscious Mind learns by repetitionover and over again.

    When you learn any new skill, you have to practice it a lot, not a little. When learning to harness the power of your subconscious mind, youre learning a new skill, so you have to use it over and over again. When you say affirmations to get what you want, you cant just say them once and expect them to work. You have to say them over and over again until your subconscious mind acts upon them. But as with all skills, the more you use your subconscious mind to get what you want, the easier it works.

    The Subconscious mind thinks in infinite or absolute terms, not in finite or partial terms. Ill discuss this further in Chapter 3. The Subconscious Mind gives you what you want quicker if when saying affirmations you feel the emotion you would feel when you got it.

    I said earlier that the key to harnessing your mind power is to trick the subconscious mind into thinking that you have what you want NOW. And since the subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined, pretend you feel happy when you affirm you have what you want.

    Isnt that how you would feel if you had it? Just imagine those happy feelings. Your conscious mind is your logical, rational mind. But your Subconscious Mind is your il-logical, or ir-rational mind. It never questions or analyzes anything you tell it. So when using your subconscious mind to get what you want, set your sights as high as you candont think what youre affirming doesnt make logical sense. Your subconscious mind will not think that.

    So thats all you need to know to put your subconscious mind to work. You dont need to know anything else. But training your subconscious mind to give you what you want takes time and practice. I cant give you a time frame as to how long it will take you to master your mind power. It depends on how much effort you make and to what degree you believe in it. Chapter 2 Relaxation: The Gateway to Your Mind Power Before you start to develop your new skill of harnessing your subconscious mind power, theres another skill you need to learn.

    While learning and performing it are extremely easy, it is very important to the process. Its called relaxation. Before you begin an affirmation session, you want to relax your body because you also want to relax your mindclear all the junk out of the way and get your brain wave activity to a minimum so you can focus on the ONE thing on which you want to focus. The subconscious mind is more susceptible to receiving and acting upon suggestions when it is relaxed and focused on that one thing.

    Here is how I do my relaxation.

    (PDF) What is Subconscious Mind? How Does it Impact Our Actions? | Prem Kamble -

    First, I put on some very relaxing music. This is optional. Try using music at first to see if it helps you relax. If you relax better without it, dont use music. But you want your surroundings to be quiet. If you have a family, tell your spouse and children not to bother you for the next 20 minutes or for however long you plan to spend. And before you begin, tell your spouse to take a message if you get a phone call.

    I sit in a reclining chair and breathe at a normal pace for about 30 seconds and get my mind off of things. Then I take a deep breath, hold it for 5 seconds, then slowly release the air and as I do, I imagine my body is becoming relaxed, as if it dropped down to the next level.

    Then I return to normal breathing for about 10 seconds, imagining that my breathing is slightly lighter than when it was when I started. I repeat that process 4 or 5 times, then while I exhale the last time, I close my eyes, and say to myself quietly and slowly The muscles around my eyes are totally and completely relaxed I couldnt open my eyes if I wanted to because the muscles are soooo relaxed. Now, as I said, thats how I do it.

    If this works for you, great. If not, you can do it the way that works best for you. But you want to get your body totally relaxed. You dont have to make an effort to relax your mind. It will relax along with your body. And dont rush through this. I spend about 5 minutes doing the relaxation. Spend at least that amount of time.

    Also, I recommend that you do this in the morning before you go to work. If you do it in the evening after working all day and then eating dinner, you may fall asleep and miss out on practicing your new skill and throw your night sleep schedule off.

    So try it at a time when youre less likely to fall asleep, and do it in a sitting position. I also recommend doing it on an empty stomach or waiting at least an hour after eating a big meal.

    If you do it right after eating, the food you ate will sit in your stomach like a blob because your metabolism will drastically slow down.


    And notice where I put Thats where you pause and imagine that part of your body relaxing. Just imagine it, pretend your body is relaxingfeel your muscles relaxing.

    Then move on to the next area to be relaxed. You most likely wont be able to do the relaxation later in the day such as at work or while driving to work certainly not then.

    And you want to say your affirmation more than once. So its a good idea to do the relaxation at least once a day followed by saying the affirmation for a good 15 to 20 minutes to allow it to sink deeply into your subconscious mind. Your Subconscious Mind Power is not way down there at the very depth of your psyche.

    Its right beneath the surface, just one step down from your conscious mind. Relaxation helps you get to it. Youll do so with Affirmationsstatements you Affirm to be true.

    Ive read books that claim Affirmations are more effective if said out loud. I see their point, but I have never said Affirmations out loud. Just saying them in my head has worked well for me. If you want to say them out loud except when youre in other peoples company such as work go ahead. Lets say you want to use Your Power to be better at your career.

    I cant give you affirmations for every career because I havent had every career imaginable. So Ill give you one example you can use to help formulate an Affirmation for the type of work you do. All you have to do is change the words to fit your situation.

    First, sit down with a pen and piece of paper. Write down the important elements of your job. What are all the things you need to do well in order to do well in your job?

    Be specific and very detailed. The subconscious mind works better when you program it with specifics and detail, so stay away from generalities. That goes for any affirmation for any situation. So you have your list. Doesnt it make sense that if you do all of those elements better you will be better in your career? Of course. So you want to make sure you include all of those elements in your affirmation. I know something about Outside Sales.

    Thats a job in which a salesperson calls businesses, sets up appointments with them and then goes outside of their office and tries to turn those prospects into clients. Most companies call those salespeople Account Executives. Salespeople say these are the keys to being a good salesperson: 1. Make the prospect feel youre helping them get what they want. If they feel youre trying to get what you want, the prospect will be less likely to download from you. If youre in sales because you like helping and serving people by selling them products or services that will make their job easier and help their company be more productive and profitableif you really enjoy hearing from your clients how much your product or service has increased their companys business and thats what drives your ambition, then the money you can make from commissions will take care of itself.

    If youre driven mainly by the money you can make, money will probably be harder to come by. When meeting with prospects trying to win them as clients, act the same as they do. Mirror their body language, tempo of their speech, tone of their voice, mannerisms. This subconsciously conveys to the prospectIm just like you.

    You can trust me. If I were a computer salesman, this is how I would say my affirmation. First I would do the relaxation, then Id say something like this: I am the greatest computer salesman who ever lived. Every call I make to a prospect ends up with a sale the first visit I make. The prospect never has to think about my offer for a few days or listen to presentations by computer salesmen from other companies so I never have to visit the prospect a second time to get the sale.

    Every prospect is eager to download our computers on my first visit. Im able to convince the prospect so easily that theyre getting a great deal and they feel very good about our computers because they can tell right away that our computers and the service I can provide them are going to help them in their job, and will make their company more profitable. Every prospect can see right away that our computers can help them serve their clients so much faster and better and their business will increase.

    When I meet with a prospect, I always mirror their actions and they get a real good feeling about me because they can tell Im just like them and they trust me. They can really tell Im trying to help get them what they want.

    I love doing sales because Im making my clients job easier and helping their company become more productive and profitable. Its such a great feeling to hear from my clients about how their business has really picked up since they became my client. And when they call me with a question or a need, its such a great feeling to be able to be of service to them.

    I could make this even more powerful by imagining Im seeing all this happen. These will work out great. I want to get them right away. Or when I affirmI love hearing from my clients about how our computers have helped them I would pause and imagine the client calls me to say.

    Hey Todd, those computers are great. And that program you gave us has already helped us pick up 5 new clients and our business is really taking off now and I would imagine feeling happy for them all. So visualization is another key component in harnessing Your Power. Notice that the three keys to selling listed above are included in the affirmation.

    Now, lets examine the affirmation to see that it addresses all 6 Key Points listed in Chapter 1: 1.

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